How to configure the Internet Settings on a Motorola Razr v3

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Internet Setup

  1. Go to the Main Menu
  2. Press Menu
  3. Select Web Access
    Note that this may be located elsewhere, such as under Settings or Settings > Tools
  4. Select Web Sessions
  5. Select New Entry
    If no new entries are available, delete one of existing profiles or edit one
  6. For the Profile Name enter in the #Profile
  7. For the Homepage enter in #Homepage
  8. Set Service Type 1 to #ServiceType
  9. For the Gateway IP 1 enter in #InternetProxy
    This option may be listed as Proxy
  10. For the Port 1 enter in #InternetPort
  11. For the Domain 1 to #Domain
  12. Set the Timeout to 15 Minutes
  13. For the GPRS APN enter in #InternetAPN
  14. For the Username enter in #Username
  15. For the Password enter in #Password
  16. Press Done to save the entry
  17. Scroll to the #Profile and press Menu
  18. Select Set as Default or Activate
  19. Test the settings by opening the browser and browsing


Leave all unlisted settings blank. Those settings are not used and are outdated.

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